Friday, July 26, 2013

EDAD 536 Day 5

Sugata Mitra on TED The Child-Driven Education

Self Organizing Systems
SOLE's Self Organized Learning Environments

Todd: twitter@tfrimoth

Final Presentations


A Whole New Mind
Information age to the conceptual age

-code crankers,-creators
-contract crafters, -empathizers
-number crunchers, pattern recognizers


Telling a story (uses Prezi; posted on blog)

Jason Ohler

Student voice inspires student choice

Cherrie Ann
Notability Note taking during a walkthrough

Becky A.

Increasing the use of technology in the 4th grade classroom at Millicoma ES

Becky S.

ELL tech plan for Intermountain ESD

Daniel Pink

"To Sell is Human"


Gimp (free in place of photoshop)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

EDAD 536 Day 3

Poor use of Technology
How do we manage  the transfer and distribution of information around a "crisis" event? Is it even possible given the multitude of ways that people can share news electronically?

There are still those teachers that will not embrace the effective use of technology, in both communication and instruction. This often creates additional drain on the time of the administrator, having to use traditional paper communications with staff not willing  to read their email or look in the electronic calendar.

During the past school year I participated in dozens of walkthroughs with the principal of my building. After each walkthrough the principal sent the observation record to the observed teacher through the district email so the teacher had a copy, and asked for questions and feedback. Out of all the walkthroughs, he received only three teacher responses.

 G. Bundy Certified Google Teacher
Raleigh Hills K-8

Wow! Google custom search is awesome! You can create a site, give it a name, and link it to your web page and make it accessible to class.

Sugata Mitra on TED

The education system as we know it is obsolete. Is knowing obsolete?

"educe" draw out.

Daniel H. Pink: Drive

The Surprising Truth About what Motivates Us

John Medina at Jesuit HS on the 28th of September. How do we go?
Brain researcher. 

The evolutionary envelope of the brain:

Solve problems
Related to survival
Outdoors setting
In constant meteorological change
To do so in constant motion

Jane Mcgonigal (TED talks)

Gamers succeed where scientists fail

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

 Project-based Learning
Student Source...For Students, by Students

Students took CCSS targets and found games, etc that met the target.


G really got my wheels turning! Student Works is the ultimate flip for instruction and student engagement. How do I take these ideas and bring them into the conversation in my district. After a year of serving as a leadership coach for the elementary school I have been asked to come back in two capacities: as a contract leadership coach and as a 0.4 FTE administrator at large. I meet with the superintendent and assistant superintendent next Tuesday to negotiate my role. I would like to incorporate much of my learning from this class into this role. For my final project in this class I am going to begin preparation of a presentation I will make to the district leadership team that will help "push" the district to bigger and better implementation of Google docs across the district, with a focus on the PLC collaborative teams K-12. I will be looking for constructive feedback from my colleagues about how to improve the presentation.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

EDAD 536 day 2

 Educational Technology chapter I discussion...

Ethics and online schooling; how are online schools being held accountable for meeting the educational needs of their students? Is a "cash cow"  mentality driving admissions of students that are not academically prepared for the content that they are asked to learned?

It's not necessarily that we do not have enough money to support our schools; it's how we are choosing to spend the money that we do have.

For profit, not for profit, and also for benefit companies. 


A powerful medium for communicating ideas: setting, imaging, music, storytelling, 
The Terra Nova HS closure hoax...the power of the story. 

My First Video


    Creating the video has been an assume experience. Just taking a random series of video clips shot by Todd, organizing them into a "thoughtful" sequence and downloading some random music  and viola! a story is created. I began thinking about so many applications that can be found for this in the school setting and the creation of personalized PD or heartfelt assemblies where the story of your school can be shared with your community.

Monday, July 22, 2013


Jam packed in the first day! Todd made it through his agenda so kudos are awarded. Thanks for sharing your website and the plethora of links to news, resources and ideas. I am familiar with some of your links (e.g., TED, edutopia) but have not previously taken the tie to explore them. I have added motivation after today's class.

TED talks on education- Sir Ken Robinson

 Learning to Change...Changing to Learn

Education ranked below coal mining as an interesting career.

We are not engaging kids on their plane of interest. We ban the technology they love in our schools.

Their theater of learning is huge. The classroom/school is only a small piece of the world of learning.

Standards of learning need to be flexible, not rigid.

 If we designed a school today, what would it look like?

EDAD 536 Day One

This is an image of me and my wife Sheila by the Merced river in Yosemite. Sheila is fighting breast cancer and currently in the first week of chemotherapy. She is my inspiration in class and in life. Creating a blog is the first of many successes I am looking forward to with all of you this week.